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You all would be agreed if I say “feeling love for opposite gender is not a crime” It can happen anytime, anywhere and at any age. Showing your feelings to a person whom you love, demands courage though it has been a matter of just liking someone at initial stage.

After managing all emotions when you ask a girl for a date and if she gets ready to come for you (most of the time it doesn’t happen until and unless you own a great luck) other obstacles come in your way.

For a very first time, it is like you’re being ready for a battle and at any cost you want to win it. By managing all bits and pieces and defeating major-minor all kind of difficulties when you finally reach at the point of your so-called date, you seem nervous  and start giving bewildered expressions to her.

Even you don’t get an actual reason behind this weird condition. In your mind you’ve lot to say but words show no support for you. Nervousness, confusion, fear, discomfort all come together to make your face look alike cartoon and your situation much more awkward.

Sometimes you start conversation like a illiterate and dumb villager and ask her silly questions but in fact illiterates are more smarter than us specially in such cases.

If you also want to deal with such situations, don’t ask experts but losers who have achieved degrees in putting themselves down every time, just like me.

Rule number one is never lose a hope even though you have achieved highest numbers of thumb down (use symbol) for your every date. Don’t let your date turn to nightmare, it happens to all and it is obvious.

Keep one thing in mind – date is always the FIRST, because every time you’re giving chance to  new one. Make previous one a warhead and take a charge of another one. There’s nothing to feel ashamed for fruitless date – we all are in same train. Rule number two is – there’s no number two position in rules, all rules are at first position.

What if a date is not in your favour, what if you never had even a flying kiss, what if holding her hand is always remain a dream for you – keep everything aside and plan for an another date – it would give you an idea about that you’re  a real man (“asali mard, you know! 🙂 “

Sometimes you find a girl who is perfect match for you and you start dreaming her giggling with her in-laws in your house. If you have already found this kind of girl then you’re at right blog, read further to turn your wish in reality. No doubt! birth, marriage and death are not in our hands but still trying is what we can do.

First of all, don’t show her that you already have decided names of your kids. Being over excited is injurious for your love relationship. Be patient and do everything step by step. If your future soul mate (as you find it in every second girl) is being friendly with you that doesn’t mean she has geared up to marry you. Take your time and let her also take a time to reach at that route.

Winning girl’s heart is not that much tough as we think. Even with sober behaviour and simple look you can make permanent place in her heart. With pure heart and selfless love in your eyes can make her mad about you. Just follow some do’s and don’ts to be in queue.

As we all know, this era is of social sites our lives rotates around facebook, insta, whats app, twitter, snapchat etc.  So first of all put a good, actually very good picture of yours as a display picture (please avoid to put celebs pic as dp) then start normal conversation with a girl whom you want to bring for a date.

Keep your conversation short and let her say something. Showing too much attitude from your end also would leave you alone forever but for starting phase at least keep your words limited. Don’t ask her every time, what she likes and dislikes, show your efforts to know about her as it is very simple to have a tour to her profile.

Do debate on questions to start a conversation, I said debate not arguments. Choice has no copyrights it can be anything with anyone. Respect her choices and opinions.

Good sense of humour can also help you if you have it. If even you find yourself having no sense of humour avoid to use it forcefully as a weapon.

Don’t ask her about your profile picture or nature, at the right time she will automatically come to that point. Crack silly jokes sometimes and make her laugh. Trying to make her happy would also bring smile on your face. Compliment her in subtle way, share something creative from end.

Keep your eyes and mind open, let her say anything , it is very bad idea to think by own and consider that the way you love her, she also feels so. Assuming anything without knowing her opinion would hurt you only.

Get all information in an artistic way. If you want to ask her favourite food, take an indirect route like ” I’m hungry and mom has prepared punjabi food but I like Chinese food more” let her answer for this and even if you don’t get the answer of your choice ask her “which food you always crave for”. You can use this funda very often. You never should always ask her questions, let her to ask you too.

If she is looking pretty in picture, praise her with short words, at initial stage being poet would not work for you. Yes, after being in relationship- don’t let your inner poet sleep ever.When you’re about to bring her for a date, be up to date. First of all put some efforts on your footwear because generally girls get impressed with nice and decent footwear. Then choose pleasant look for yourself. here I’m not talking about branded footwear and cloths, whatever you have apply it in right way. Keep yourself smelling fresh and be far away from showing off for yourself. Trying to be own self would always be in your favour. If you find she is getting bored on any topic, just change the topic. Taking pause all the time would also make her uncomfortable.

When she says anything, listen and express interest in it. This is what we should do for all because good listener can be a good speaker. Knowing about her family, respecting them genuinely would leave upbeat impressions in her heart for you. Along with this also let her know about your family members. Girls always love their father most, so respect her emotions for her father and family. A boy with kind heart, decent thoughts and loveable personality can win heart of any girl without any efforts.

At last – don’t try to be someone else, be yourself, bring positive changes within you, if needed and be an apple of her eyes.

To get out of all conversation starters for your very first date, be all set with few questions and ask her… Topic to chat with crush

  • Meaning of her name
  • Family members in her house
  • Favourite food, colour, celebs etc
  • About her pet, if she has
  • Her passion, hobbies etc

Questions you may ask when you feel comfortable with her, like… good conversation topics

  • Does she drink?
  • What would she prefer in free time?
  • Her favourite sport
  • Her priorities
  • Her favourite destinations
  • Future plans etc

After being besties, you can ask…Interesting and funny conversation topics

  • Her thoughts about boys
  • Which first thing she gets noticed in people?
  • What she thinks about marriage?
  • Has she ever kissed?
  • What is the definition of love for her perspective?
  • Who matters most for her and why?

To know her better ask few decent questions such as : Interesting topics to talk

  • How friendship is important for her
  • Without whom and what she can’t imagine her life
  • What she has noticed in you about your nature
  • About her incomplete desires
  • Her opinion on current national and international issues
  • What qualities she seeks in a good friend and perfect spouse?
  • Is she career oriented or family oriented, etc

See..! you have to respect her thoughts and opinions, we cannot judge anyone with their words.

It is possible in some circumstances, she would act differently and won’t follow her words, it is all depends on situation.

If she drinks, if she was in relationship, if she has past, if she prefers short dresses, if she’s not virgin, if she’s career oriented, if she has lot male friends than female and much more – there’s nothing wrong in it.

she is what, she wants be. Admire her the way she is. To be and to act like a gentleman, you’ve to respect a girl (in fact all) always. Think openly and be broadminded. With this thought process you can be the most eligible life partner at all points.


crush when you see her for the very first time

crush when you want to let her know about your feelings

crush when she looks back to you

crush when you want to talk with her

crush when the time comes and you’re actually in front of her

crush when you want to say a lot but find no words

Be genuine and let her be herself.

 Respect each other and yourself too.

Being in crush is sometimes good, as you’re being with us at this crush blog.

Thank you an Good luck man !

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